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Throughout American history our military has been an integral part in our well being and the well being of the entire world. Many people tend to think that we have put our nose where it does not belong, or that we have started wars with countries for no apparent reason. However many of the wars that we have been involved in has either protected someone that could not protect themselves, or protect the future well being of our country.

No matter how you feel about a particular war, or the reason that we’re fighting in that war, you should always show respect to our military that is fighting there. I can remember quite a few times in our history where respect was not shown to our military. The men and women of the military that go to fight in the war don’t have a choice about whether they want to fight or not. They are fighting so you and I don’t have to. They signed up to risk their life so that our country can remain free and prosperous.

After the Vietnam War was over our soldiers came back to disdain and disgust from the American people. I know that the way the war was handled by our government was not done very well. I also know that many people protested the war, which was their right, but they should not disrespect the men and women who fought because they were just following orders. When the soldiers came back from the war we should have had parades and showed gratitude to them. However the soldiers from the Vietnam War received none of this.

The reason I am bringing this up is that we’re in a very unpopular war now in Iraq, and I don’t want us to allow our dislike of a war to cause us to forget about the people who are actually fighting in it. Remember when this war is over and our soldiers come back from the fight to tell them thank you and show the military the respect that they deserve.