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Project Work – Modelling

Modeling projects run in most squadrons throughout the region and cover a wide range of constructions. While learning skills cadets also learn the history of the aircraft they are building, and about the role they played in our history.


The most common type is building ‘airfix’ style plastic model aircraft, usually 1:72 or 1:48 scale. The larger scale has much more detail and allows greater flexibility for creating a unique model but is more demanding in skill and time. This type of model making can easily be expanded into dioramas or made into display stands.


There are also many competitions to test the best model makers, including the annual corps competition for the best individual cadet model.


Cadets also build flying models built from balsa wood, from simple gliders to complex aircraft with miniature engines and line or radio control. They learn about aircraft construction, how a plane actually flies and what makes an aircraft engine works.