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Project Work – Band

Bands are one of the biggest projects on a squadron and often bands join together to practice or to perform on parade. This is often one of the aspects of cadets most in the ‘public eye’ as a large band marching down a road, leading a parade is hard to miss. The cadet marching band can contain a full range of brass, wood, and percussion instruments, all led by the drum major.

During their time in the band, cadets are taught to play instruments of their choice, and learn aspects of military marching band drill and formations. Once they have reached a proficient standard, they are awarded a band badge relating to their instrument, which can be worn on their uniform.

There is an annual band competition where bands compete against each other for the various awards in RAF Halton.


All young musicians will remember the applause from an audience, whether it be one person or an auditorium full of people. That great feeling when they have enjoyed the concert and can’t wait for the next.

There are many talented musicians in the Air Training Corps and every year, usually in February, at half term, cadets in the band with good playing skills are able to apply for summer band camp at R AF College at Cranwell in Lincolnshire, to enhance their playing abilities.

This visit is for one week and these Cadets spend their time enjoying music instruction and rehearsal with the members of the Band of the RAF College. The most exciting aspect for the cadets is that during this time they are working towards a concert. This concert is jointly presented with the Band of the RAF College at the end of the week. They play a tremendous selection of music from classical to big band swing in front of an audience of invited guests and parents. The chance of a life time.


In order to attend this music camp selection you will have achieved grade 3, and provide a recommendation from a music instructor or a bandmaster. It is worth all the hard work of practice and rehearsal.