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Useful Website Links

Only the sites listed below are authorised by Headquarters Air Cadets to provide information about ACO activities or utilise ACO or Crown Copyright material. These sites have all been reviewed and registered with HQAC and are subject to regular reviews to ensure accuracy and suitability of content.

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Flying and Gliding

One of the primary aims of the Air Training Corps is that of providing flying and gliding for our cadets, this being provided at a number of locations throught the United Kingdom. Wales and West Region are served by the following:-


625VGS Hullavington
631VGS Sealand
632VGS Ternhill (awaiting website address)
633VGS Cosford
634VGS St Sthan (awaiting website address)
635VGS Samlesbury
636VGS Swansea (awaiting website address)
637VGS Little Rissington
643VGS Syerston (awaiting website address)
644VGS Syerston


No 1 AEF
No 3 AEF
No 8 AEF
No.10 AEF

Cadet Links

Air Cadet Organisation (ACO) – Corps website, including links to registered Region, Wing and Squadron websites.

No.1 Welsh Wing

No.2 Welsh Wing

No.3 Welsh Wing

Merseyside Wing

Staffordshire Wing

West Mercian Wing


Air Force Links

Royal Air Force – The RAF website gives you information on the aircraft they operate and what missions they are currently engaged in around the world.

RAF Careers – Looking for a career in the RAF? Then take a look around this site to find the role you would like to play.

RAF College Cranwell – The home of the Royal Air Force and the Air Cadet Organisation.

The Red Arrows – The RAFs aerobatic display team.

Royal Air Force Association – Looking after the welfare of ex-service men and women and their families.

Royal Air Force Stations – Link to the RAFs Website list of Stations.

Royal Air Force Squadrons – Link to the RAFs Website list of Squadrons.


Charities and Magazines

Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) – Providing help and support to ex-RAF service personnel.

Royal British Legion – British Charity safeguarding the welfare, interests and memory of those who have served in the Armed Forces and their dependents.

Janes Information Group – The foremost information repository for global defence, aerospace and transportation.

RAF: The Official Magazine – Published quarterly, every issue aims to reveal much of the unseen work of the RAF.


Aviation Manufacturers

British Aerospace

Airbus Industrie Gmbh

Boeing Company

Northrop Grumann

Sikorsky Helicopters

Lockeed Martin




Imperial War Museum – The IWM has various exhibitions covering conflicts from the First World War to the present day.

RAF Museum Hendon – Britain’s only national museum dedicated to aviation.

UK Aviation Museums List – A List of websites of Aviation Museums in the UK.


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