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Here at cadets corner you can read articles on what other cadets get up to in your Wales and West Region – in their own words. Have a story and experiences you want to share, why not ask your commanding officer to contact your Wing CCO and have your story here.


‘Ocean Youth Trust’ first for Flt Sgt Ellis of 2272 Chepstow Squadron
2213OceanTrust I was lucky enough to be selected onto the first course run by ‘, The ocean youth trust Scotland’ for the Air Cadets.

As this was the first course of its kind offered to the ATC, we had really no idea what to expect. We were all thrown straight into the deep end, leaving Largs sheltered harbour straight into gale force 9/10 gusting weather with 8m waves, it was certainly an experience to remember!

Although this was a training vessel with highly qualified instructors, in those conditions it was still a dangerous place to be.

Whilst putting up the Storm Trisail I was whipped by a rope that had worked loose, knocking me off my feet, and nearly over board, the safety line attaching me to the ship saved me from a dunking. I only cut my finger, which was soon sorted.

I soon learned how vulnerable we were and completely at the mercy of the sea, however having complete faith in both instructors and fellow cadets is a lesson you soon learn, and one feels more secure for it. As with most Air Cadet camps and courses you meet some great people and forge some strong friendships, this was no exception, the Corps had defiantly picked some of the best cadets from all around the country, and we had really great instructors. We soon found out you have to get along as we were confined to a boat spending 24hrs a day with each other!

Although the Alba Venturer was a 70ft boat the berth was absolutely tiny sleeping 2 guys & 8 girls very intimately, so a lot of give and take is called for.

The whole week was a great experience, sailing around the clock, with beautiful surroundings to look at.

Trying to cook in the galley in severe storms is also quite a challenge; we all had to take our turn.

We all managed to earn our RYA Competent Crew (special endorsements Tidal) qualification, which is very worthwhile.

Looking back at the many courses I have been lucky to attend within the Corps, including hang gliding, paragliding, Parachuting, and a flying scholarship. I would defiantly rate this course as the most enjoyable, being both the most extreme & most rewarding.

Written by Flt Sgt Ellis, 2272 (Chepstow) Squadron, published on 27 Jan 2006
A first for the Millennium Volunteer award in Wales
mvawardWhen I first found out about the Millennium Volunteers Award, I was sure that it would be an achievable Award to gain within the hours I spend doing voluntary/cadet training duties. During my 4 years in the Corps I must have clocked up over a 1000 hours of volunteering, and the Millennium Volunteers Award only required 200 hours within a year. When my squadron CO presented us with the MV booklets I was excited. The thought of gaining a new Award, and taking part in more volunteer work was great. Out of all the cadets in 360 (LLwchwr) Squadron, ten signed up for the Award, many more wanted to take part but were not over the 16 years age limit. Me (Sgt Lucy Dewitt), Flight Sergeant Adam Jones and Sergeant Ian Merriman excelled in hours from the start. We took part in a community litter pick, marshalling three carnivals, poppy collecting and cadet training amongst other things. Even though only a maximum of 8 hours per day can be accredited, it was soon obvious that our hours were accumulating at quite a rate and the magic 100 hours and eventually the 200 mark were achieved.

When we handed our books into the CO, not only did we get the full Award but also we got another bonus of being the first cadets in Wales to achieve the MV. A month later we were invited up to Cosford to have our Awards presented to us by the Regional Commandant, Group Captain Kiggell. Photographs were taken in front of the cadets who had taken part in the Region Cross Country Trials and hopefully will be appearing in the Air Cadet Magazine in the New Year. The MV Badge will be worn with pride in our feat and we can hopefully act as a target for the rest of the cadets in ‘360’ and No3 Welsh to aim for.

Our thanks go to many people, but especially to Flt Lt Elaine Turvey, Staffs. Wing D. of E. Award Officer, for all her help and guidance during the year.

Written by Sgt Lucy Dewitt, 360 (Llwchwr) Squadron, published on 22 Dec 2005