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Activities – Shooting

All Air Cadets get the chance to fire target rifles. Target shooting is part of the ATC training syllabus, and is a very popular cadet activity.

The “range” is where cadets practice target rifle shooting, all under fully-trained supervision. “Ranges” come in many different shapes and sizes. Initially, shooting takes place with the target 25m from the firer, either on a 25m indoor range or a 25m barrack (outdoor) range. As cadets advance through the weapons and their skill increases they can shoot at ranges of 100 metres or more. All rifles are fired in the prone position (the firer is lying down on their stomach) at static targets.

Training and safety are the Air Cadets’ main concern, and all cadets are fully trained in each weapon they will be using. Supervisors are trained to deal with any eventualities and to ensure that the range is efficient and safe to use.